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2020 Sales Engineer Compensation and Workload Report

We surveyed over 460 participants, including both leaders and practitioners of sales engineering, primarily from software companies, about their salaries and workload. Most responses came from North America and Europe.

This report includes visualizations of and brief commentary about the results. The areas explored in this report include:

  • Base salary for sales engineers and presales leaders
  • OTE (On Target Earnings) for sales engineers and presales leaders
  • AE:SE Ratios
  • Demo Lag Time
  • Sale Engineer Training Time
  • Hours Per Demo
  • Demos Per Week Per SE
  • Unqualified Demos
  • Demos Per Deal
  • Delegating Demos to Sales
  • Using Demo Automation
  • Presales KPIs

Download this report and see how you and your team are doing compared to the rest of the industry. Find ways to improve and scale presales.