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TIP: Use these strategies to drive digital presales transformation with remote teams and clients.

BONUS: This ebook also includes links to a Key Activity Gap Analysis spreadsheet template and a case study by Oracle.

Scaling Presales

8 Strategies to Boost Coverage and Customer Experience With Existing Headcount

In this easy-to-consume ebook, learn about eight micro-strategies that, when combined, drive exponential results with existing sales engineering resources.

  1. Define and measure the "demand gap" and the "key activity" gap
  2. Eliminate wasted demos with better qualification and the new Demo Qualified Lead (DQL) stage
  3. Categorize the 6 demo types and where they belong
  4. Automate repetitive early-stage demos using Intelligent Demo Automation 
  5. Delegate to the Sales team by equipping them with resources
  6. Use video for multi-lingual market coverage
  7. Conduct webinars for mass early-stage live-demos
  8. Define what KPIs show if you're making progress scaling your presales team

Use a few of these strategies or use them all. One thing is for sure--you'll drive presales productivity without the need to increase headcount.